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Suspend problems on a thinkpad?

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Has anyone found a trick for (or even had a problem) getting suspend to work properly under FC5 on a
Thinkpad T30? Under FC4 everything worked fine on mine, I just had to include "apm=on acpi=off"
in the kernel args. After a fresh install of FC5, with or without the kernel args, it is a no go.
When I close the laptop it goes into suspend, but when I open it again I experience varying levels
of freezing up. I say varying because sometimes it's locked completely, sometimes the mouse moves
but the cursor does not change, clicks are unresponsive and the keyboard does nothing. One time
things seemed to work but when I moved my mouse over the gnome panel it disappeared. I switched to a
VC and back, which somehow fixed the problem.

Needless to say this is a major obstacle for me. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!
- --Brad
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