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Re: 'Commercial Partners'

Quoting "Eric S. Raymond" <esr thyrsus com>:

I think I explained this in some datail earlier.  We need market power
in order to stave off a future where we get DRMed and EULAed to death
because hardware manufacturers figure all they have to do is serve the
Windows & Intel Mac markets.  Down that road lie video cards we can't
use and on-the-mobo TPM to lock us out.

A little bit too late for that, IMHO. "Content providers" already know that:

1. They can do this legally (ie. patents/DRM are reality)
2. They have widespread platforms to do it (Mac/Win+PC/iPod etc.)
3. They will come up with new patents/laws to prevent us from entering

This is a game of catch-up that we'll never win. Once "content providers" tasted consumer blood with patents/DRM, I'm willing to bet they'll want more of it, not less. Any attempt to wedge anything "free" (in whichever sense of the word) right smack in the middle, will be met with (threats of) lawsuits.

It's just a matter of time before we see this happen. And my bet is that making it easier to install an MP3 player on Fedora is going make about zero difference. I'm afraid most of us don't have access to boardrooms in which decisions about the future of copyright, patents, "content" and hardware is made. If all desktop/notebook/consumer hardware went DRM/TPM tomorrow, hardware manufacturers would stand to lose such small percentage of sales that they wouldn't think twice about cutting us off. Call me cynical if you wish...


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