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Re: The Strengths and Weakness of Fedora/RHEL OS management

> (oh, right semantics is not your problem, you don't even do typing/schemas
> but I'm sorry 90% of unix conf woes are semantics only).

I think this is pointing at a key item: apps apply too much semantics
on how they read config settings. Maybe common ways could be worked out
if bigger projects would cooperate on a common lib/infrastructure for this?

I still agree that this would be a very good goal to aim at, but also know
much much work it is to get there. And we already see in this thread on
how hard it is to agree on common/acknowledged things. ;-)


Florian La Roche

P.S.: So while the french are used to bedins and bathrooms without paper,
      it might take us until development is done by robots to get sane
      and easy to use config files that support updates. They might also
      not be needed anymore by that time. ;-)

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