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Re: Fedora Art Team Now Open

Benjy Grogan wrote:
It didn't become terrible, but I personally believe that the artwork in
FC5 was a small step backwards.  I think maybe we could improve this
situation in the future by treating artwork as a community project with
feedback and (maybe) voting, rather than impose it on the community.
Perhaps the FC6 desktop background could be made into an art contest
with judging and prizes.

I completely disagree. I think the artwork in FC5 is a step forward. I didn't hate the artwork in FC4 but it was kind of dark and cold
looking.  The bubbles are a little weird but there is a brightness to
the desktop now that wasn't there before.  A step forward, but room
for improvement.


OK right, whether FC5 was an improvement or not is subjective and doesn't matter.

What does matter is that we should be building a community around art. The community should be submitting candidates for the Fedora background, and the community should (somehow) decide which we choose for the release.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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