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Re: Why Elektra is the wrong approach (Was Re: The Strengths and Weakness of Fedora/RHEL OS management)

Le mardi 04 avril 2006 à 14:00 -0400, David Zeuthen a écrit :

> NetworkManager is still not the default. I don't think it will be
> default before it does a lot more what the current default networking
> stack does including working when no user is logged in.
> My view is that Pete is blowing this out of proportion and I think
> you're just being his puppet in this particular case.

Well, you know after all the times Gnome people removed functionality
because they knew better and future would prove them right, then refused
to put them back in even after people did not get used to the new world
order ("residual" complaints as Putin says in Chechnia), your
declarations of undying love for not-in-gui-session-management can be a
tad frightening.

But you can damn Pete for writing what a lot of people were thinking if
you like.

Nicolas Mailhot

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