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Re: Why Elektra is the wrong approach (Was Re: The Strengths and Weakness of Fedora/RHEL OS management)

Le mardi 04 avril 2006 à 14:36 -0400, David Zeuthen a écrit :

> Replacing all the old cruft with new stuff is bound to introduce a few
> more bugs along the way. I think it's called... progress?
> > But you can damn Pete for writing what a lot of people were thinking if
> > you like.
> That's nice.
> At least I learned something today: Never ever propose anything that
> might be a bit visionary on fedora-devel-list; you will just get shot
> down by the vocal minority and you will get flamed you for the
> improvements for the silent majority you helped create.


Please take it with a grain of salt.
People don't have to agree with all your write. I somehow agree on the
ldap part coming handy (I wrote it some messages before). I also agreed
on some of your other points. On this particular one I disagreed with
you. Pete disagreed with you. Bill disagreed with you. Maybe that means
this particular part of your vision is wrong ? Or miscommunicated ?

Nothing you wrote so far was intended to assuage people's fear.
The (shall I write it) contempt you've shown for historic RHL/Fedora
users and their needs also did not help. Where do you think Fedora would
be if they betrayed you like you seem intent on and let you drool over
Bill lobotomised users without any grassroot support ? (why do you think
Red Hat revived Fedora after letting it wither a few years)

Your communication was very poor and I have some great examples of it at
home. One of them put 3 million people on the streets last week. Then
because someone was listening very hard to the silent majority and not
to what people where actually saying it put 3 million people in the
streets again today.

The fact is even if the vocal minority is a minority, it's actually
telling you things. OTOH you could completely misunderstand the silent
majority and be none the wiser. The silent majority is difficult to
understand. It doesn't speak loudly at all.

Nicolas Mailhot

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