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Re: gnome/gtk v1 in rawhide

Ralf Ertzinger wrote:

Although gtk1 programs tend to use quite less screen space than their
gtk2 counterparts.

I think that is a valid point, GTK2 apps do have a "Lego Duplo" quality in comparison to other windowing toolkits, even after reducing font sizes from the defaults and fiddling with the theme details shipped with Fedora a 1280x1024 monitor running Gnome feels comparable to an 800x600 monitor running Win2K :-(

I can just about get used to panels top *and* bottom of the screen eating into my area (I realise I could change the arrangement) and I need to keep reminding myself to actually make use of multiple workspaces.

I'd prefer windows to have thinner borders and splitters, a touch less white space bordering everything, and denser packing of controls, or are there any "skinnier" themes that I ought to look at instead?

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