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Re: Move Evolution to Extras?

Evolution is fairly much broken in FC5, and there's little movement even
on the 'this mail crashes Evolution' bugs, let alone the "Evolution is
totally unusable with IMAP" bugs.

I can't say I'm some kind of expert e-mail user, but Evo 2.6 seems to be working mostly OK here. I use it against dovecot-1.0/IMAP at home (two client machines) and with Exchange/Exchange at work. Since I also run LDAP addressbook at home, I find it rather useful to be able to edit entries directly from Evo. Having native access to GAL at work is also very useful.

I would most definitely be in favour of fixing bugs and spliting out packages that provide functionality for other software and getting rid of bogus dependencies. However, I'm not sure if removing this package from core is a good idea. Is there a decent replacement under Fedora default desktop (Gnome) that covers all ground that Evo covers now?


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