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Re: Move Evolution to Extras?

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 08:33 +0200, Frank Schmitt wrote:
> Marking all messages you want to delete with Control+Click first and
> deleting them all with Delete isn't an option?

This is IMAP. Clicking 'delete' marks a mail for deletion, and expunging
the folder actually does delete those mails which have been so marked.
Anything else is just the MUA playing silly buggers. 

I don't think the workaround you suggest would be very compatible with
my workflow. I work through a folder with whatever the keystroke is for
'next new message' (I mapped it to ']' since it's a KDE app and I can
change things like that, and I'm used to that key in Evolution). I
delete messages or read them, and keeping a set of random mails selected
in order that I can delete them would be complicated. I want to just
mark them for deletion, like I can in any normal MUA.


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