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Re: pilot-link.org: Anonymous CVS Removed indefinitely

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 17:19 +0300, Gilboa Davara wrote:
> Will it be possible to roll-back all patches and go back to 0.11?

This should have been done for FC5.  Now all the arguments about
handling the roll back still apply - although since no one in RH
apparently gives a fuck for any of the pilot support tools there will
probably be nothing done at all.

If a roll back is done it will require building a pilot-link set, with
an Epoch version set so it overrides the FC4/FC5 ones.  Then all the
directly dependant packages also need to be rebuilt, which includes:-
      * gnome-pilot*
      * jpilot
      * kpilot

potentially some of the other packages with less direct dependencies
need rebuilding as well:-
      * evolution (fairly sure this had to be rebuilt for palm breakage
        in FC4)
      * kdepim
      * beagle (possibly - due to evo)

which is a huge pile of updates and disk space/download bandwidth!

Adding the patch from BZ 186779 does fix the basic pilot-xfer crash
problem, and does not require other packages to be rebuilt.

There are other workroundable bugs in gnome-pilot, and udev issues,
however the situation is actually rather better than with FC4 where
someone worked out every subsystem that palm devices touched and
carefully broke every one of them (from kernel to evolution)

Having someone who occasionally moved bugs out of new state would be

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