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Re: pilot-link.org: Anonymous CVS Removed indefinitely

On 4/5/06, Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at> wrote:
> So they expect you to package the obsolete September 2003 release? 0.12.x is
> now in "prerelease" state since January 2005 (!), when are they going to allow
> you to package it? Time for a fork?
> The maintainer himself says: "After almost 16 months of waiting, the first new
> version of pilot-link is now available for testing. The last version of
> pilot-link, 0.11.8, was released back in September of 2003. Its been a long
> time coming!", "The commandline tools are much more stable, the main library
> now supports many more devices and platforms, and code has been refactored and
> cleaned up in a LOT of places, and MANY other things have been added or
> removed." and "Many of us are already using 0.12.0-pre1 daily for our
> production use. It is very stable, and works well for most current devices that
> we've had the time and resources to test", which IMHO is reason enough to use
> the new code despite his "big fat warning". As for GUI tools not being
> compatible with the new code yet, how does he expect them to become compatible
> if they can't access the new code?
>         Kevin Kofler

In general, yes.
I can only speak in my behalf, but I expect Fedora to use the obsolete
0.11.8 simply because... it works. Having 0.12-test doesn't really
help much, if both evolution and kmail palm integration is dead.
By the sheer number of open bugs, It seems that I'm not alone.

I'm not pointing fingers... I'm just asking Fedora maintainers to
reconsider the decision to use 0.12 considering the CVS lock.


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