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Re: Move Evolution to Extras?

On Wed, 2006-04-05 at 13:00 -0600, Stephen J. Smoogen wrote:
> You have no idea. I think dwmw2 knows the RFC's, proposed RFC's, and
> accepted practices according to xyz authority better than the authors.
> And he can quote every place they went wrong too.


I explained the problem -- which he may not have noticed, although I'm
not entirely sure how that could be the case since his mail isn't part
of the thread to which he was replying. I asked, nicely, if he could
possibly try to fix it.

Quite why he thought that was an 'attack of the mailing list police' I
don't know. If this _was_ one of the mailing lists that I police, then
the offending mail wouldn't have got through in the first place -- I
filter and reject for that.

Smooge, you no longer work in an environment where it's mandatory to
react harshly and negatively to simple technical requests -- I _know_
you're only doing it for fun and for old times' sake now :)


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