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how do I integrate patches and get updated rpms to users

Hi, sorry of this is the wrong list. Maybe it should go to the maintiner list but I am not yet on that.

I packaged the iscsi-initiator-utils rpm and have some fixes I need to integrate. I think I know how to update cvs and the spec file and that stuff from this doc

But how does the update get propagated to the user so when they do a yum command they get the newest version? Do I have to send mail to someone or another list or does someone watch the cvs commits or is there some magic in the build system?

And one other question about updating packages. Should I assume someone will be running the current kernel? If a new kernel is released and it lets say a sysfs file is removed or has some new behavior or the netlink interface has changed, should I build in the userspace application (in this case iscsid and iscsiadm) the ability to support all Fedora kernels or just the current one?


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