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updating stage2.img


      I am trying to insert  a utility  into stage2.img  for FC5-test3,  this utility will be run by  slightly modified anaconda installer (version 10.12.14).


      So far I could not  get my utility inside stage2.img. 


       1)  I  tried it doing manually but   “buildinstall’  will  replace it.

       2)  If I try to update stage2.img manually after running buildinstalll, then NFS boot  from boot.iso complains that install-tree does’nt  match. Timestamp changed ?

       3)  Adding my utility in  upd-instroot  script should make it available in stage2.img,   I tried but add to my frustration its not there when I boot from install disk1.


      Please provide me with the procedure for building the custom distro  for fc5,  I need to insert a tool into stage2.img and  installer will run that utility.


      Appreciate your help in this



-vikas aggarwal

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