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"expected gains in market share"


Do you really think that a substantial population of adopters are ready and waiting but held back because mp3 isn't in Fedora?

I think that's nonsense. If you rank potential users by ability, the vast majority will not use Fedora because they can't buy a machine with it pre-installed; others will not use Fedora because they aren't confident about partitioning disks or shrinking NTFS partitions.

I'm not aware of any vendor that ships Fedora (and IMHO it's not likely as a vendor would chose something which would be supported for longer than a given Fedora release). Given that other users will have to follow technical instructions to burn CDs or perform a network install, they will have a level of ability where they are more than capable of getting mp3 support through the established methods.

I think there are better goals that would increase adoption:

1. marketing: a 'sampler' live-CD or VMWare image; web based tutorials and demos with video showing features 2. technical improvements: provide email notification through thunderbird; provide desktop integration for firefox; any other workflow related improvements 3. better documentation from a user's perspective - how to do task X instead of how to use 'Banshee' (or any other obscurely named app) 4. bling, because people will make the effort to see it, even if it's not a productivity enhancement; it also gets you noticed in print. As a bleeding edge distro Fedora is well placed to make the most of this.

I think any of the above would do more to increase adoption than merely including mp3 support.



camilo mesias co uk

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