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Re: "expected gains in market share"

On Thursday, 06 April 2006 at 02:41, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> Cam <camilo mesias co uk>:
> > If support for iTunes is a real requirement, then *all* linux distros 
> > will be unable to provide something that even comes close. Pester Apple 
> > for a linux iTunes...
> > 
> > If basic mp3 support is the requirement, then *all* linux distros (with 
> > some minor tweaks, sure) will do the job. I'm sure J Random would back 
> > me up on that.
> Hm.  I was under the impression that the iTunes format was essentially
> a DRM wrapper around MP3 and that stripping it off ore re-applying it 
> isn't hard.  I guess I must have that wrong?

AAC, not MP3. It has been reverse-engineered, too:


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