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Re: Red Hat's "Cowardice" against Software Patents

"Eric S. Raymond" <esr thyrsus com> writes:

> Horst von Brand <vonbrand inf utfsm cl>:
> > Which SUSE? The paid one? No problem, they can pay for the codecs.
> Which, I'm suggesting, Red Hat could do also.

Which would be useless to Fedora, and would also be useless to anyone
downstream (i.e. wanting to re-distribute Fedora). Just because Red
Hat obtain a license to exercise the technology covered by the patent
doesn't grant anyone downstream of them a license.

If you *can* get Fraunhofer to grant a patent license that applies to
everyone downstream of the party to whom the license is granted, for a
price that party is able to pay, then you've effectively negated the
monopoly of that particular patent.

I would welcome such a scenario, but I think it has "a snowball's
chance in a supernova" of occurring, to quote some recently-seen

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