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Re: Thread is in fact 'community input'

Gilboa Davara wrote:

However, I do feel this thread is out living its usefulness and breeding discontent.

Umm.... assuming this thread was productive and/or informational.

Nothing to see here people... move along...

If this community input thing RHAT are on the second attempt with is going to mean anything, you can expect an increase in threads like this chewing stuff over from The Outside in. Wrongheaded as Eric has been in this thread IMO, it's legitimate to bring all this up.

Either make a new fedora-politics list for it -- so long as it isn't an unpopulated ghetto, or the discussion will move back to where the players are -- or use the threading features of your mailreader to stop it bothering you. You aren't in a position to assess the value of this thread for all its readers.


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