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Fedora with laptops/networking/docking stations etc

Hi All,

Been running FC5/rawhide for ages and absolutely love it but I have a
couple of queries wrt to various laptop support.

Firstly with NetworkManager do we still need to run the network
scripts. The reason I ask with my laptop at work I have wired, and
home wireless and as a result it takes ages to time out on alternate
interfaces and increases boot time greatly. Or can I run the network
script with the 2 interfaces disabled for boot time (so just
localhost) and let NM deal with what ever interface is up.

Similarly what's the status of docking stations support? With my Dell
Latitude when ever I undock then redock the wired network interface
(tg3) doesn't work and it takes a reboot to fix. I think its to do
with routing of the physical output to either the local port or dock
port. Same with suspending it within the dock.

Otherwise this is a rocking release. Well done!


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