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Re: Fedora with laptops/networking/docking stations etc

On Thu, 2006-04-06 at 12:25 +0100, Peter Robinson wrote:
> Hi All,
> Been running FC5/rawhide for ages and absolutely love it but I have a
> couple of queries wrt to various laptop support.

There is also 


> Firstly with NetworkManager do we still need to run the network
> scripts. The reason I ask with my laptop at work I have wired, and
> home wireless and as a result it takes ages to time out on alternate
> interfaces and increases boot time greatly. Or can I run the network
> script with the 2 interfaces disabled for boot time (so just
> localhost) and let NM deal with what ever interface is up.

Ideally NM will get into shape so we don't need two network
configuration stacks [1]. Either does something the other doesn't (NM
does VPN very nicely, legacy scripts does things like interface bonding

[1] : especially the way the old scripts rename networking networking
interfaces coupled with how the kernel announces this back to user space
is at best very broken wrt HAL/NetworkManager

> Similarly what's the status of docking stations support? With my Dell
> Latitude when ever I undock then redock the wired network interface
> (tg3) doesn't work and it takes a reboot to fix. I think its to do
> with routing of the physical output to either the local port or dock
> port. Same with suspending it within the dock.

I'm not sure about docking stations, sorry.

> Otherwise this is a rocking release. Well done!

Thanks :-)


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