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Re: FC 5 libraw1394 as static library

Sébastien Sénégas wrote:

I enjoy with the libraw1394 that you support. But i am using now a FC 5 wich is distributed with the libraw1394 as shared library. So my question is what should I do to get the library as static. Should I just recompile it or there is a package existing directly built for this distrib. I tried to get a package with yum but without any success.
Could you help me please

It is generally against Fedora policy to ship static libraries in the distribution so we have been actively removing them over time. In the vast majority of cases supported by the Fedora distribution, static libraries are actually not needed and programs that linked them in can be easily modified to link to the dynamic library.

If you are using the static library for some less usual case like embedded systems or profiling, then you should build your own static library from source manually.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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