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Rawhide woes: CUPS and xpdf

I'm near wit's ends with two very annoying problems with rawhide currently,
one concerning printing and the other using xpdf for presentations. Both
are bugzilla'd.

Re: Printing: It doesn't work, period. From a x86_64 to a local paralell
printer, or from a i386 notebook over the network (both are PostScript
printers), the only things I can print are the testpage (via the CUPS
control page) or text files (via lpr). If I try to print PostScript of PDF,
CUPS claims the files get queued, are being printed, and then got printed
normally, but nothing whatsoever does show up.


Re: Presentations with xpdf. In Gnome, run "xpdf -fullscreen mumblefoo.pdf",
and get a window /with/ borders and menu etc, plus the taskbars aren't
hidden. In xfce the window at least fills the whole screen, but the
decorations remain. Also, acroread (AdobeReader_enu-7.0.5-1) [sorry for the
french] doesn't fill the screen in Gnome, but it does under xfce.


Any clues? Does this work for anybody (I'd be pretty surprised if across
the board breakage of printing didn't start a riot, so...)?
Dr. Horst H. von Brand                   User #22616 counter.li.org
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Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria              +56 32 654239
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