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Re: Rawhide woes: CUPS and xpdf

Horst von Brand wrote:
I'm near wit's ends with two very annoying problems with rawhide currently,
one concerning printing and the other using xpdf for presentations. Both
are bugzilla'd.

Re: Printing: It doesn't work, period. From a x86_64 to a local paralell
printer, or from a i386 notebook over the network (both are PostScript
printers), the only things I can print are the testpage (via the CUPS
control page) or text files (via lpr). If I try to print PostScript of PDF,
CUPS claims the files get queued, are being printed, and then got printed
normally, but nothing whatsoever does show up.


Any clues? Does this work for anybody (I'd be pretty surprised if across
the board breakage of printing didn't start a riot, so...)?

I see the same (x86_64 too!), although with some twiddling I got printing to work from openoffice, hey ooo is i386, I smell a rat here :)

> Re: Presentations with xpdf. In Gnome, run "xpdf -fullscreen mumblefoo.pdf",
> and get a window /with/ borders and menu etc, plus the taskbars aren't
> hidden. In xfce the window at least fills the whole screen, but the
> decorations remain. Also, acroread (AdobeReader_enu-7.0.5-1) [sorry for the
> french] doesn't fill the screen in Gnome, but it does under xfce.
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=176023

This is because the new Metacity causes problem with fullscreen apps, file a bug against Metacity I guess, or fix all the apps SDL en allegro games still work.




I've added comments about this to both bugs!

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