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Re: Outrageous memory usage with cElementTree

On Fri, 07 Apr 2006 13:38:23 -0700, Shahms King wrote:

> I was trying to figure out why my small python application was using
> outrageous amounts of memory on FC5 and managed to track it down to a
> single anonymous rw mapping that's 32380K.  It only gets mapped after
> importing cElementTree but I can't figure out why.  It doesn't happen
> under FC4 or FC3.  Is this memory actually used or is it another
> artifact of Linux's often questionable RSS statistics?  32MB is a lot of
> memory to be using for no apparent reason, especially as it is
> per-process unshared memory.  It's particularly vexing using mod_python
> and kid (which uses cElementTree, if available) as it means that every
> single httpd process uses ~50MB base memory, which is ridiculous.

With FC5 and Python repoquery I'm facing increased heap space
usage by a factor of 7-10 compared with FC4 or older.

Heap size of the repoquery process grows quickly to and beyond

  Size:            586796 kB
  Rss:             540100 kB

compared with FC4:

  Size:             77632 kB
  Rss:              77628 kB

I've stopped looking into it, but Yum is not the culprit and SQLite
is not either.

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