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Re: FC6 faster boot


> >
> > Early login wasnt enabled by default so not many users would see that.
> > If you can contribute towards fixing the problems in early login, that
> > might help.  https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=151952
> >
> >   
> as far as I can see the only real problem are nfs mounted /usr or /home 
> dirs.
> that can be solved by(starting network) and  mounting them before 
> starting gdm.
> a simple script could look into fstab to see if this is needed.
> or did I miss anything?

Dont know enough details to answer that. 

> >
> >   
> the problem now is upstream, some changes are needed to get selinux working.
> it does not have to replace sysvinit you can have both installed at the 
> same time.

I am aware that they can be installed at the same time. It is still a
replacement as they cannot run in parallel. From my experiences trying
out Initng, I am of the opinion that it it has pretty good potential but
needs to cook in extras-devel for a while before it gets adopted within

> >
> > extras-devel is the equivalent of rawhide for Fedora Extras. It can very
> > well be used to test new technologies. The problem with importing it
> > into rawhide is that the external community cannot work directly work on
> > packaging anymore at this point. 
> >
> >   
> this is also one thing that should be changed in the (near?) feature.

Yes. We are working on that. For now it needs to be in extras if you
want to work on it.


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