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Re: FC6 faster boot

søn, 09 04 2006 kl. 23:15 +0530, skrev Rahul Sundaram:

> Have you seen this? http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FCNewInit

That document has really grown since I read it last, however it still
lacks the fundamental requirement pointed out by Jef - it must integrate
well with SELinux or it is completely useless on a default FC setup.
InitNG AFAIK doesn't do SELinux yet and the page mentions segfaulting
(which is hopefully fixed now).

> How well does Initng fit into those requirements currently?

I'm sure it's a fine piece of software, don't get me wrong - but if
InitNG is going to be hammered into shape we'll need to get it into
rawhide as soon as humanly possible - I personally don't mind a bit of
babyeating this is a development platform afterall.
> Unlike a hammer, Initng can potentially be modified to suit our
> requirements if it doesnt fit our specifications if it is a good base to
> start with and upstream is open to accepting changes if any is
> required. 

Some hammers aren't suitable for retrofitting, and if we are going to
replace the old initsystem, we should do so with the best technical
solution (if initng is this solution then fine) - I would hate to
replace one bad system with another because it was readily available.

What is the longterm maintainablity for InitNG look like, how easily can
we adapt it to our needs, how much work would retrofitting InitNG be
compared to building a system completely to the specs we have. Also how
likely are other distros to replace their init system with initng,
larger vendor buy-in would be nice if we are going with an "off the
shelf" solution. Here I'm thinking a freedesktop.org like concensus on a
standard, be that based off initng or whatever would be absolutely

- David

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