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Re: FC6 faster boot

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On 4/9/06, dragoran <dragoran feuerpokemon de> wrote:
rawhide is the place to test new technolgies, if it turns out to be a
bad idea we can remove it before FC6,

I'd suggest that lack of selinux support is a non-starter for any
constructive discussion about moving initng into rawhide. Talking about other problems associated with the complexity of network mounts
or other non-linear init scenario complexities is probably a bit
premature.  If we known this doesn't work with selinux I think its a
waste of time to consider it for inclusion into rawhide.


its beeing worked on:
if only this is a blocker for rawhide we can simply wait until it supports selinux (or help getting support faster)

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