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Installation Wizard in Yumex


I just stumbled over easyUbuntu [1] and got a idea to add some kind of installation Wizard in yumex, to make it easy to add all the
extra stuff need to get your fedora running.

  * Nvidia drivers.
  * ATI Drivers
  * NTFS support.
  * MP3 support.
  * Movie player with codecs. (Mplayer, gstreamer etc).
  * Java
  * Flash

I want to make some kind of XML format to creating the Wizard entries and the actions behind. The different people can make there own wizards and people can just drag and drop an URL to a wizard XML into yumex to add the wizard entries to the installation wizard. This could be a way to close the gap between a FOSS distribution and the non free or patent related stuff, there never can be included in Fedora.
Let me now what you think, is it a totally lame idea or is it a way to go.

Yum Extender Developer.

[1] : http://easyubuntu.freecontrib.org/overview.html

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