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Re: rawhide report: 20060410 changes

Bart Vanbrabant wrote:
[A lot of xorg updates]

This update changes the ABI. This means that the drivers that aren't in
this update, like the nv driver, can't be used anymore. X refuses to
start. I fixed this by recompiling the nv driver srpm.
But this should have been an update of all xorg-x11-drv-* packages.

I'm aware. I tried to get them all in before the cutoff but the build system thwarted me.

For the record, the following drivers were not updated:

- nv
- nsc
- sisusb

The first two were timing issues getting the build complete, the second was due to an upstream packaging screwup (empty tarball? how'd that happen). Also as mentioned in the report, the new ABI of the evdev driver is not built for ia64, due to a spontaneous build failure that I didn't have time to track down.

The first three issues, and hopefully the fourth, should be resolved by tomorrow's rawhide.

- ajax

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