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Re: Problems setjmp.h on Fedora 5

Jose Marcio Martins da Cruz wrote:
> I tried to define myself the value of JB_SP (4 - the same value found in
> Fedora 4 headers), but the application segfaults.

That value was never meant to be used by programs.  It was a value
needed in the implementation and unfortunately it was placed in the
public header.

This is fixed now.  And for a good reason: you cannot access the values
at all anymore today.  The stored values are "encrypted".

You can disable the encryption using the LD_POINTER_GUARD environment
variable.  Unfortunately the glibc version so far in FC5 has a little
bug.  The next update will allow you to specify LD_POINTER_GUARD=0.

But this is really the wrong solution.  The program should be rewritten
to use __builtin_frame_address (see the gcc manual).

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