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Re: FC6 faster boot

On 4/10/06, Gilboa Davara <gilboad gmail com> wrote:
> It seems to me that having suspend/hibernate working on 99.99% of all
> machine will serve Fedora *much* better. While a new init system might
> shave 30 seconds (or even a minute) of FC6/7 startup time, working
> hibernate/suspend will cut the wake-up time to mere seconds...


jumping to a different init system will be a lesson in boottime
corner-case shuffling... no matter what technology is chosen... there
will be setups that become sub-optimal or more complicated to
correctly configure and there will be some that will get a speed up.
Considering the variety of system configurations that must be
supported I simply can not see how worrying about the speed of boot up
for a particular system configuration matters.   A robust
suspend/hibernate helps everyone. And if suspend/hibernate is not
working for some hardware that should be fixed... not hacked around by
complicating the init process for everyone else.

Boottime can not be the leading motivator for a realistic discussion
of an init system replacement. There is a wealth of new advanced
functionality that init system replacements like initng bring to the
table in terms of service management that are much more important than
optimization of boot time by a few seconds. Whether or not an init
replacement with advanced functionality is a net win or loss for
system boottimes is simply not as important as that additional
functionality.  Suspend/hibernate is what matters if you need "instant

> As I see it, a machine should only be rebooted -if- the kernel/glibc was
> upgraded. Everything else should be handled suspend/hibernate/service
> restart/DE/X restart/.

Or a little less strictly... have room in the repodata so package
maintainers can mark a package as requiring a reboot to function, and
clientside package tools can then inform users as appropriate.  I
believe that pup has a hardwired list at the moment and has ui to
notify about required reboots if those packages are updated.


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