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Re: Installation Wizard in Yumex

On Mon, 10 Apr 2006 15:14:22 +0200
Tim Lauridsen <tla-ml rasmil dk> wrote:

> I just want to code a easy way to install things, not try to break any 
> patent, i will not include anything illegal into yumex, but people 
> located i place where software patents don't exist, can make a wizard 
> plugin to install the stuff hosted in places like livna or freshrpms.
> I same way as yum and rpm can be used to installed patent releated 
> stuff, but it is not the purpose of the application.

It's already possible for a user to click-install a rpm that adds 
many repo entries without the need for a wizard.  After that 
calling up yumex to install whatever packages are desired is easy.

However, AFAIK there isn't a graphical method to enable and disable 
yum repos.  Adding that feature would help to make things easier and 
safer.  It would then be reasonable for a single rpm to install 
multiple repos, and let the user individually enable them as desired.  
Perhaps any comments included in each repo file could be shown to 
the user as well.  


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