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Re: Installation Wizard in Yumex

On 4/11/06, Callum Lerwick <seg haxxed com> wrote:
> Direct linking to rpms bypasses everything yum does for you. It won't
> ensure its the latest version of the package, and it won't dep solve.
> And its not possible to install multiple packages with a single click.

Installing multiple packages from multiple different repository
locations with multiple different purposes which could in fact
multiple overlap in and confuse the update mechanims.. with a single
click... is bloody stupid and asking for problems specifically because
you are delibrately hiding information as to the different places you
are getting those different packages.

If you want to make it drop dead simple to add additional repos..fine.
But any single click mehod that delibrate goes out and configures
several different repos to pull several different packages is asking
for trouble when it comes to updates and upgrades.  Once you have a
single click url object that breaks repository boundaries to
accomplish its actions.. all bets are off for reproducible behavior on
the client side because 3rd party repos conflict and overlap.


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