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Re: Bug or "Feature" Can not package manager gui with non-connected box

[did you mean to send this offlist?]

On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 04:16 -0700, Harry Smith wrote:
> I think this is getting to be a matter of opinion.
> I did a search on the release notes and did find that Pirut was a 
> replacement.  However, nothing in the release notes said that Pirut 
> REQUIRED Internet connections to work correctly directly.  The best 
> is that it mentions  yum is used.  Since you have already point out 
> that yum can be set to use local resources as well, This did not 
> trigger any bells indicated that required connections.
> This is a major change operating concepts and IMHO a mistake.
> While it would be interesting to understand the logic behind this 
> decision, nothing can be done about it.  There are a lot of private 
> spaces where FC5 is being used.

Anything package management tools like Pup, Pirut or YumEx requires a
net connection by default.  It was mentioned in the release notes that
both Pup and Pirut uses yum as a backend. You can configure yum to point
to local repositories and any tool based on yum should be able to use
that information. 

The previous system-config-packages which Pirut replaces had no
understanding of repositories and would only work on media and systems
which werent updated through yum. Work is already being done to get
Pirut to work with media disks which requires changes in yum itself.
Subsequent releases of Fedora will likely have this feature too. 

I have already shown you to pointers to setup such local repositories
where a net connection is unavailable.


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