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Re: Move Evolution to Extras?

ons, 12 04 2006 kl. 10:52 -0400, skrev Robert Locke:
> <snip lots of posturing by various folks....>
> But, the question remains:
> What is an alternative that includes not only email and contacts, but
> also calendaring and task lists for a Gnome oriented environment?
> I don't have a problem with contemplating the death of Evolution, but
> what do we use instead?

Maybe we could use Dates, Contacts and Tinymail as a complete
replacement - although this would require some work I think the solution
would be sufficent as it all integrates via e-d-s (the only excusable
part of Evolution to be honest).

FC6 is still a lont time away, I'm sure we could make this work by then
- what I'm mostly worried about is upstream acceptance of the decision
to dump Evolution.

- David

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