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Re: Where is my "everything" gone?

On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 18:04 +0200, Olivier Galibert wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 13, 2006 at 01:25:48AM +0930, n0dalus wrote:
> > There are plenty of people in the community who still think this is a
> > bug. I personally don't care as long as they improve the installer to
> > include important things such as how much space the install is going
> > to use.
> Beautiful.  That was in fc3 too.  Interesting definition of progress
> we have here.

The installer has been rewritten to use a yum backend and there are
features that havent been implemented yet. Fedora Core 3 everything
option didnt install every package on the media unlike what is being
assumed here. 

> > The issue of everything installs has been discussed ad nauseam on the
> > list. You might want to check the archives.
> Beautiful.  That way I'll know why sysadmins got fucked over and why I
> have to write my own installer.  Good thing it's not that hard in
> practice.

Sysadmins who have to install 200+ systems should be using kickstart
with @everything option if they want to dump everything from the media
into the system. I dont think it makes much sense for sysadmins
installing all that is available in the media including all the language
packs and updating them constantly instead of tailoring the system to
meet their specific requirements but kickstart does let you do that.
They might even require some packages from Fedora Extras which a
everything option wouldnt install anyway. Calling everyone who disagrees
with you as insane and swearing isnt likely to help.


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