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Re: Move Evolution to Extras?

On Wednesday 12 April 2006 09:23am, Dimi Paun wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 15:57 +0100, Jose' Matos wrote:
> >   FWIW, kmail (that I am using embedded in kontact) claims
> > otherwise. :-)

Yup.  In fact, I switched to Evolution for a while back with Evo 1.4 and then 
back to KMail with Evo 2.0 and KMail did all the conversion just fine.  But I 
didn't have to convert much.  Only one of my email accounts is POPed.  I use 
IMAP for the rest so it doesn't matter what email client I use, conversion is 
as easy as connecting a new client to the IMAP server.

> kmail is a really good mail client. I've used it for years,
> and I do prefer it to Evo. The bug that dwmw2 pointed out is
> annoying, but not a show stopper for most people.

Well, I'm still not certain I would call that a "bug" :) .

> However, it's not really an option for a GNOME desktop. Both
> GNOME and KDE are bloated pigs, you really can't force both
> environments in memory (with all their libs, daemons, etc)
> for everybody.

And you don't have to.  You can run KMail and/or Kontact on GNOME without 
installing the whole environment.  You only need a couple of libs.

I use GNOME apps on KDE, too, and I don't have GNOME installed.  I have a few 
dozen MB of GNOME libraries installed and it just works.

OK.  All that said, we can not suggest Kontact as a replacement GNOME app 
(since it isn't a GNOME app) for Evolution, which is a condition some have 
already expressed.

Some people hate using GNOME apps, other hate using KDE apps.

Me?  I'm fine with using good tools, regardless of which environment's tools 
they are written in.  Personally, I have found more stability and reliability 
with KDE.  I have friends who spit out the work "KDE" like chitlets, vowing 
to never leave GNOME.  That's fine.  I just roll my eyes while they have 
printing and evince issues and I can print anything I want and have never 
seen KPDF crash or screw up rendering once.

My point is, my experience is mine.  YMMV.  Don't flame me because my 
environment works and yours falls apart.

To be totally fair, there are, of course, bugs in KDE apps that I use and 
love.  It took a year for Konsole to finally get rid of the "reloading tabs 
with the same name causes renaming of tabs" bug, which annoyed me (but at 
least, it didn't break and crash).  That's just one example, and there are 
others, but for me, on the whole, KDE is far more stable.

Again, YMMV.  That's *my* story and I'm not going to impose my opinion on any 
of you...even though I'm right :) hehe.
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