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Re: Where is my "everything" gone?

On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 20:04 +0200, Olivier Galibert wrote:
> At this point, installing is a lottery as to whether the applications
> you need will be there, because no sane human has the attention span
> to check every little submenu.  Install everything was a way to win
> this lottery by throwing money, i.e. hard drive space, at it.  You can
> always remove things afterwards, you don't need a media or a network
> connection for that.  Or, with current hard drive sizes, just leave it
> that way and just don't start or configure what you don't need at a
> particular point in time.

Fresh users enjoy looking through the menus to see what all is there.  I
do it from time to time to see if there is anything new.  Don't speak
for all users.

> > We give kickstart the ability to use globs.  Problem solved.
> So the only way to do real package selection or ensure that you won't
> have to move around with a bag of cds is to drop anaconda and use
> kickstart instead.  Interesting.

Kickstart users anaconda.  Kickstart is really a scripting method to
anaconda installs.  So no, we're not dropping anaconda, we're scripting
it.  For your environment, it makes TOTAL sense to use kickstart, and
I'm shocked that you're not.  Reproducable automated installs that are
very fast and have pre install script and post install script support
for doing last mile configurations.  How could you possibly not see this
as a time saving feature?  You can even plug into network booting
systems so that you can do this all w/out touching a single bit of

> > Gets even more fun when Extras is involved, or other repos.  Then is
> it
> > everything in the repo, everything in these repos, everything in
> these
> > repos minus languages, so on and so forth.
> Stop thinking blindly about "everything", and think about it in terms
> of "select all, user can deselect parts afterwards". 

So if you want to talk about select all or deselect all options when
doing package selections, that's a valid discussion.  Not enough time to
get it into FC5 given the rewrite of the underlying system, however we
could look at this for FC6.

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