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Re: Co-opt or illegally annex?

Eric S. Raymond wrote:
Olivier Galibert <galibert pobox com>:

When was it decided that computer farms, servers and remote
administration was unimportant, and only the desktop user was
interesting?  Is it official, or just de facto?

Heh. If most fedora-devel list members actually thought "only the
desktop user was interesting", the thread about co-opting proprietary
codecs would have gone rather differently.

Um.. what does "co-opting proprietary codecs" mean? You either agree not to redistribute and pay up (like this:


) or you use unlicensed contraband. Maybe you should look at Linspire instead - seriously - so you can use their existing paid-for proprietary codecs to make the distro you think you want without geting legal trouble. Fedora is by definition not up for that game.

I conclude that most of this list doesn't think *any* class of users is

I think there is still a pretty strong membrane between folks inside RHAT and outside, I suppose this has to be to some extent. It would have been nice to get a chance to argue the busybox case for RHAT's OLPC work which is happening off the public radar AFAICT.

That's not an attitude that bodes well for the future.

This general FUD ignores that whatever RHAT's attitude it has certainly done fine and generous work in the past with no sign of it reducing in strength.


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