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Re: Move Evolution to Extras?

On Wednesday 12 April 2006 04:45pm, Erwin Rol wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 22:23 +0000, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> > > If you drop Linux I am sure you can use outlook. I use a Gnome desktop
> > > and no matter how ppl keep repeating the "you can use KDE apps" it does
> > > not work. Using KDE apps on a Gnome Desktop is like using a wine
> > > outlook on a Linux desktop, it works but there are zillion little
> > > things like cut and paste,
> >
> > Cut&paste is completely compatible between KDE and GNOME apps and has
> > been for a long time now! The Qt clipboard bug where it mixed up PRIMARY
> > (selection) and CLIPBOARD was fixed ages ago.
> Might just be me, but in kdevelop (the only kde application i use) i
> always end up screwing cut and paste up, since ctrl-c/v and
> middle-mouse-button seem to interact at random.

It's not random.

If you use <CTRL>+<V>, it copies the item to the clipboard *and* marks that 
clipboard entry as the "checked" one.  Using the mouse to select text does 
not "check" the entry in the clipboard.  Either way, middle-clicking your 
mouse will paste from the "last mouse selection" unless another clipboard has 
been activated (i.e. "checked").  This is normal X with multiple clipboards 

GNOME has no mechanism to deal with multiple clipboards in X, but KDE does and 
uses it by default.  klipper lets you manage the multiple clipboards.

> > > default file browser, default web browser,
> >
> > Run kcontrol and you can set your file associations. Getting Kontact to
> > run your GNOME applications when you open a file or URL in it is not
> > hard. The default browser for KDE apps is the setting for "text/html".
> Why would i have to run kcontrol ? I mean i am using a Gnome desktop,
> not a KDE one.

kcontrol has lots of knobs and switches.  However, you don't need to tweak 
very many of them at all.  In this case, he's talking about changing the file 
launcher configurations so that you would get Firefox or Mozilla (or 
whatever) instead of Konqueror when you click a link in an email in Kontact.

> > > system settings etc. that all are different.
> >
> > Just set them to the same thing. KDE is very flexible, it's possible to
> > get it to match the GNOME configuration very closely.
> So you are suggesting that everybody will set all settings twice, one
> time for Gnome and one time for KDE? This is exactly the problem with a
> Gnome and KDE mix, it is a PITA.

No, we're not talking about everyone setting all their settings twice.  Just 
tweak the things you want for the apps you want.  That's not going to be very 
much stuff.  With KDE, once you've got that figured out, it's pretty easy to 
mass deploy such configuration changes, too, so you really will only *have* 
to do this once (unless you change your mind frequently :) ).
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