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Re: This is a development discussion list.

On Wednesday 12 April 2006 05:02pm, Michael Favia wrote:
> Simon Perreault wrote:
> > Michael Favia wrote:
> >> This extra noise, though well intentioned, is making it difficult for
> >> me (and i imagine many others) to justify the time necessary to weed
> >> out the "philosophical type" posts.
> >
> > You need to learn about a magical feature named "Mark Thread as Read"
> > that most of us have been using all along...
> >
> > Keep the flames burning, there are still some patches of snow around
> > here...
> My message wasn't intended to be a flame at all. I think that the
> philosophical and theoretical discussions are good for the distro i just
> think they should have a proper home because it isnt exactly development
> discussion related. -mf

I think perhaps you are using the word "development" a little too narrowly.  
To me, the topic of this list being "Development discussions related to 
Fedora Core" is not limited to writing/hacking code.

Developing a distribution is a complex matter.  I might even go so far as to 
suggest that most of the work is *not* found in the code.  The conversations 
that are about code things have obvious place here.  Perhaps there could be 
merit in splitting *all* the other things into another list.  However, I feel 
that the current situation with this list is the correct way for things go.  
I do not feel that these discussions (including this one :) ) have been OT 
for this list.

There are plenty of threads on here within which I have not read all the 
posts.  As another already pointed out, your MUA should let you flag such 
threads so that future posts are marked as read.  I don't do that, myself.  
Instead, I glance at most of the messages to be sure something new hasn't 
come into the conversation that would interest me (this takes like .1 seconds 
per post, if that, on average).  If it does, I read; if it bores me, I move 
on.  I don't have to read every word ever written (not that I'm suggesting 
that you do or that you suggested such).

Personally, I would prefer to not have YAL to subscribe too.
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