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Re: Move Evolution to Extras?

On Wednesday 12 April 2006 07:00pm, Erwin Rol wrote:
> On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 18:45 -0600, Lamont R. Peterson wrote:
> I still have to deal with two different "configuration" tools, that do
> about the same thing but a bit different. If i want to tune app K i need
> the KDE configuration tool, if i need to tune app G i need the gnome
> configuration tool. When kde apps and gnome apps look exactly like each
> other (which is an other problem, different look and feel) how do i know
> that i need kconfig when i want to tune app K? KDE and Gnome are two
> different things, even though they do almost the same thing.

How is that different from normal operations?  I have to use the configuration 
dialog in KMail (Kontact) to configure my email client and the one in 
Konqueror for that app and the one in Xchat for that app, etc., etc., etc., 

You *do not have* to use kcontrol every day.  I use KDE as my desktop and I 
only look at kcontrol about once a month because I *want* to change 
something.  It wouldn't even be that frequently if it weren't for the nature 
of my profession (and of my nature, I'll admit :) ).

> It is like 
> using Honda parts to fix a Fort, a handy mechaninc might make it work,
> but it would be way easier to use Fort parts to fix a Fort.

Interesting analogy.  Of course, I've never driven a Fort, though I've stood 
on a couple of walls :) .
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