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Where am I? Do we need a Location Profiler?

My bittorrents for the recordings of FUDcon finally finished downloading
yesterday and I was able to catch up on what happened.  After watching
the Fedora Core 6 session I started thinking about what would make my
Fedora using life simpler, ( No, it is not included mp3 support, or a
different email client ).  With me using my laptop more and more at
different places I think a Location Profile system would be a nice
addition.  Here are some ideas.

1)  catch Network state changes, obviously through the NetworkManager.
Base different locations off of default route ip and hardware address,
if wireless maybe essid?
2)  Needs a privileged and unprivileged interface.  Some apps like ntpd,
iptables, cups, network filesystems, general services, all need to be
setup by root.  Others, gweather, default printer, network servers
(gnome-vfs), mail settings, screensaver timeout, are user specific.
3)  No reason to be a daemon running all the time.  We have
NetworkManagerDispatcher already running, why not use that?  This also
doesn't need to be super fast or small, allowing higher level languages
to be used.

Does this interest anyone else?  It seems that with the right design it
is a project that could be built pretty quickly.


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