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Re: question on kickstart globs/everything

> Is the globs(*) for package selection in kickstart documented anywhere (yet)? 

Sadly, no.  However if you use @everything in your kickstart file, it
will still work and you'll get a deprecation warning in the log file.
This does need documentation.  Thanks for reminding me - I'll work on
that today.

> My question is, is that going to be as sufficiently smart as the
> old/current-but-deprecated @everything, as far as silently dropping those
> packages that have exclusional anti-dependencies? (picking the 'preferred
> default')

This should have the same (or almost the same - not a yum expert)
behavior as if you did "yum install \*".  That is, it should install all
packages in whatever repos are configured (currently just the media
you're installing from), minus anything that has dependancy problems.

> Now, on to @minimal (dunno if that still exists).  I used to generate livecd's
> from mandrake back when their @minimal yielded ~300MB.  I was building
> appliance livecd's that even stripped some more files, getting it compressed
> down to 135M (fits on a 3" cdr, with X+windowmaker+mozilla+xmms).  So @minimal
> was very useful for me, and as I'm now trying to do the same sorts of things
> with fedora, I would hope it still exists, though have been psyching up for
> having to more or less do lots of manual deinstallations as I figure out what
> packages aren't _really_ necessary (which I had to do anyway with the mandrake
> @minimal, to _really_ shave the install size down).  Of course, now my target
> is looking more like a 3" 1.8G dvd, but still...  I liked @minimal.  a lot.  I
> hope it lives.

Well, there's @core and @base each of which installs some smallish
amount of stuff.  It's actually more like 800 megs, which is a long way
from where you want to be.  But we've had a problem with an ill-defined
minimal install for a while now so perhaps you are used to this.  You
can just start with that and remove things you don't want.

- Chris

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