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Kickstart and roles

So I've been kicking around this idea for a while and wanted to see
what others thought.  Who knows maybe someone will be interested in

This may already exist so if it does please let me know but I would
like to setup a bunch of kickstart scripts for server and workstation
roles using only official Fedora software.  For example, lets say
someone wants a xen workstation.  We could setup a kickstart script
with everything they need, only the minimals and at the end, yum
update, configure what we can and on reboot, that user has a working
xen machine.

Perhaps a better example, lets say somene needs an email server that
supports SMTP, imaps and webmail.  We could create a kickstart script
that installs and configures as much of it as possible in a way that
we deem secure.  All the user would have to do is fill out a fiew
variables at the top of the ks script (like domain or something). 
Anaconda would ask for things like partitions and network.  When the
machine reboots, they have a working email server.

Ultimately it'd be nice to have this little project sponsored by
Fedora.  We could even have some that automatically work with Fedora's
directory server.  Clearly this isn't for everyone.  I have a hunch
there's a market out there for it, and if every ks script came with
clear "What to do next" instructions we might be able to save some
chatter on the lists and open Fedora up to many more users out there
who want to do more with Fedora but just don't know how.

Thoughts, opinions, suggestions?


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