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Re: Kickstart and roles

On Thursday 13 April 2006 23:47, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Ultimately it'd be nice to have this little project sponsored by
> Fedora.  We could even have some that automatically work with Fedora's
> directory server.  Clearly this isn't for everyone.  I have a hunch
> there's a market out there for it, and if every ks script came with
> clear "What to do next" instructions we might be able to save some
> chatter on the lists and open Fedora up to many more users out there
> who want to do more with Fedora but just don't know how.
> Thoughts, opinions, suggestions?

I'm a little confused on what kind of environment you are targeting with 
this... If its larger corporations (as I quite possibly misinterpret your 
email) then you need to do some more serious work than just have some 
kickstart scripts. You don't want everyone to be able to install a developers 
image that would require you to have licenses for MQ and DB2 from IBM... 

What you would really need is a server based anaconda. The installer on the 
client only posts data from the local client - like user input or harddisk 
sizes - to the server who will then in turn respond with a script for the 
next screen.

That way, the first screen can be a input screen for a user id / password to 
identify the potential user. Then the next screen offers you what type of 
setup you want - that's basically where you would then go ahead and determine 
most of the setup parameters. If needed, it might then ask you some more 
questions and so on. 

Of course that would require anaconda to have support to take a server 
location on the boot line and load screen definitions from a remote server - 
something I don't think it can do right now... 


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