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Re: Kickstart and roles

> That way, the first screen can be a input screen for a user id / password to 
> identify the potential user. Then the next screen offers you what type of 
> setup you want - that's basically where you would then go ahead and determine 
> most of the setup parameters. If needed, it might then ask you some more 
> questions and so on. 
> Of course that would require anaconda to have support to take a server 
> location on the boot line and load screen definitions from a remote server - 
> something I don't think it can do right now... 

or, fairly simply:

You setup a web app that takes the info on what the user wants on the
box and stores it in a db. Then it returns a url encoded to retrieve a
ks.cfg from a cgi based on the info in the db.

Then for the ks you specify the location of the ks.cfg as the
aforementioned url.

That's it.


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