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Re: Kickstart and roles

--- Mike McGrath <mmcgrath fedoraproject org> wrote:

> So I've been kicking around this idea for a while and wanted to see
> what others thought.  Who knows maybe someone will be interested in
> helping.
> This may already exist so if it does please let me know but I would
> like to setup a bunch of kickstart scripts for server and workstation
> roles using only official Fedora software.  For example, lets say
> Thoughts, opinions, suggestions?

This is a great idea and something I was planning on doing myself.  But for
simplicity, it seems like this could be implemented dirt-simply (from an
infrastructure impact point of view) via rpms.  I.e. rpms that are heavy on
specifying dependencies and pre/post scripts, but probably very light on files
(if not in fact lacking any rpm owned files).

Therefore each role gets packaged as an rpm and placed in your yum repo, so
that you just do a yum install of it.  That picks up all the package
dependencies to install, and does all the system config in the (rather more
invasive than usual) pre/post script.  Hopefully you write the rpm uninstall
scripts with enough intelligence to revert the system exactly back to the
preinstall state.


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