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Re: Intel iMac booting FC5

On Thursday 13 April 2006 15:53, David Zeuthen wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-04-13 at 00:58 -0700, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> > Anybody else playing with a new Intel Mac trying to get Fedora Core
> > working on it? I'm happy to report that I've got my wife's 20" iMac
> > booting under its own power as of a few minutes ago.
> I've got a Macbook Pro with Rawhide, but I'm using the kernel from
> mactel-linux.org together with a Fedora initrd.

Very similar to my setup then. Are you booting via lilo or elilo?

> > Still looking into what it takes to get X working -- it works fine in the
> > installer if you've got the latest firmware, since syslinux uses the bios
> > emulation layer, which provides some basic vga support that allows you to
> > use the vesa driver for install, but I'm trying to stick to pure efi.
> Yea, X.org bails for me with
>  (EE) FBDEV(0): FBIOBLANK: Invalid Argument
> I haven't tried that hard yet to coerce our resident X hackers to look
> at it...

I'll have to finally tinker with X some tomorrow w/the day off and all. Got 
some pointers from ajax, though it looks like you're already doing what he 
suggested... (imacfb w/fbdev for X)

> > At the moment, I'm using elilo to load my initrd and kernel, which are
> > from a custom kernel build, because the stock i686 kernels have no efi
> > goodies enabled. In theory, enabling the necessary bits and adding
> > patches to the latest FC kernel should work, but going that route, the HD
> > wasn't getting picked up, so I still need to figure out exactly why that
> > is, comparing the kernel config from mactel-linux.org to the one I hacked
> > together based on the 2080 FC kernel (both had EFI stuff flipped on and
> > the iMac patch added).
> Any chance you can post the diff on the config?

I'll work on that some tomorrow. Its pretty hefty.

> And exactly what patches 
> to use (I'm using the imac-2.6.16-rc4 one with CONFIG_FB_IMAC set)?

I took a stock kernel and patched in the imac- from 
mactel-linux.org, also using the 2.6.16 config from there. Same patch applies 
cleanly to the 2080 FC kernel, builds and installs fine, but no love on boot.

> It would probably be worthwhile to patch Rawhide kernels too, cuz then it's
> probably easier talking davej into taking the changes :-)

It'll be even easier in two weeks, when I'm sitting just down the hall from 
him... (Well, at least on the days when he's working from the office. :)

I'm hoping we'll get some mactel hardware in the office sooner than later to 
play with also.

Jarod Wilson
jarod wilsonet com

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