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Re: Where am I? Do we need a Location Profiler?


Being able to switch yum{, repo} configurations comes to mind as a
useful function along the same lines.  I have local mirrors available on
some networks, not on others.  These can be handled with dispatcher.d
scripts, but would a user helper be beneficial?

There must be lots of configurations that could be usefully set: I can think of things like default printer, network proxy configuration, outgoing mail server etc. For every app that uses these, there should be a framework for the app to be notified of change. For example a weather applet should notice if the http proxy changes after I suspend my machine at home and resume it at work...

You might even want to run your security in a stricter mode when you are eg. at a public hot-spot vs. at work or at home with trusted peers; or have different screensaver / lock settings...


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